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Liputan Concert Guns N' Roses vs Metallica - Pasadena October 1992 (Bahasa Indonesia)

This is the magazine scan taken from 1992 edition of HAI Magazine. The magazine had its heyday as metal magazine for juvenile Indonesian back in the '90s. The edition of October 3rd 1992 saw the magazine covered joint concert of Guns N' Roses / Metallica of their Guns N' Roses/Metallica Stadium Tour in 1992.  The magazine send few reporters and contest winner fans to the show in Pasadena.

Here the magazine scan:

Ini adalah scan dari Majalah HAI edisi Oktober 3 1992. Edisi yang sangat historical karena memuat liputan konser Guns N' Roses vs Metallica yang berlangsung di Pasadena bulan Oktober tahun 1992. Di era 1990an, kedua band adalah yang tersohor di belantika metal. Konser bareng kedua band ini adalah hal paling heboh yang terjadi di dunia metal saat itu.

Guns N' Roses vs Metallica - HAI Magazine headline October 3rd 1992

Axl Roses and James Hetfield vintage photos

fireworks in Pasadena

Indonesian metalheads in Pasadena

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Def Leppard Interview in Jakarta 1992 - Scan Majalah HAI

Def Leppard made their historic trip to Jakarta back in August 1992. This is HAI magazine scan, interview with Phil Collen and Rick Allen. Together with Vivian Campbell they went to Jakarta for Adrenalize promo.

Ini adalah scan majalah HAI dari tahun 1992 mengenai kehadiran Def Leppard di Jakarta kala itu. Tiga member Def Leppard promo album Adrenalize ke Indonesia, Phil Collen, Rick Allend dan Vivian Campbell. Hanya Phil dan Rick yang hadir di sesi wawancara dengan HAI.

Translations :

HAI: Can we say The Atomic Mass is embrio of Def Leppard?
Rick Allen: I don't think so. That band is only for fun. Sav (Rick Savage) and Pete formed the band to fill their time only. At that time, the band only played other band's songs. I think after me and Steve joined, then we begin to write our own stuff. ........... I don't think there was releation with Def Leppard.

HAI: How is the news about ex The Atomic Mass, Tonny Kenning (drums), Andy Nicholas (bass), and Paul Holland (Vocal)?
Rick: I don't know exactly. They did not become Def Leppard because their dedication is not thoroughly as Pete and Sav. Tonny Kenning, for example, more into his personal life than practicing with the band. Can be said that it was Tonny own problem to not become Def Leppard.

HAI: Can you tell again, how you joined Def Leppard?
Rick: I had been in three band before joined Def Leppard. The first two, I was kicked out, the last band I decide to resign by myself, to join Def Leppard. Because D.L. is the band that has the same direction as I wanted. Rather than playing just for buying beers, drugs, Def Leppard doing gigs to buy new rigs, so that we can played better. I read in newspaper that Def Leppard wanted a drum player, I called and met Joe and Steve, and I accepted.

HAI: Oh, so you joined Def Leppard by reading newspaper ads?
Rick: Not ads, but an article about them. In the article they said they wanted a new drummer.

HAI: How is your feeling, Sav, Joe and You, when you know your mini album, Getcha Rocks Off, sold more 24,0000 copies?
Rick: We are very happy. Because we fund our own recording expenses. The album success to enter UK chart became special, because we did not got helped by recording company. I think not many band can have that success.

HAI: Did you predicted the success?
Rick: Not at all. We were amateur, not yet professional. At the time we only think it will be fun to recorded our own songs. So the success is a sweet surprise.

HAI: How many songs did you write?
Rick: About nine to ten songs. All the songs is in our first album, On Through The Night.

HAI: Did the success on Getcha Rocks Off made you guys confidence about Def Leppard in the coming years?
Rick: Yes. Because that is a success for school band, like us at that time, it made us happy. Usually we only sell the album to our friends, but now the whole UK bought our album. It is very pleasant to know that people heard our stuffs and buy it.

HAI: Do you always played your songs after the mini album released? So that fans get to know the album before On Through The Night released?
Rick: There were already fans. But not many. Only after our second album High 'N  Dry, we got into international market. More people from around the world buy the album and get to know Def Leppard.

HAI: I read in a book Heavy Metal Thunder, your parents support your music?
Rick: Yes. They always and up to now, support us. Even the last tour, we bring our parent to the tour.

HAI: At the time, your parent allow you to out from school. Do you do the same for your son, if he asked?
Rick: Yes, of course.

Def Leppard Show di kantor majalah HAI, interview dalam bahasa Indonesia

Def Leppard, We Have Five Frontman is the title of 1992 interview article in Hai Magazine, 1992

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Liputan Konser Pantera in Seattle July 11th 1994

This is Indonesian magazine report for Pantera concert in Seattle, July 11th 1994. The concert was held in Seattle Center Arena. Together with them was Sepultura and Prong as well. The whole article was in Bahasa Indonesia.

Berikut klipping majalah HAI untuk liputan konser Pantera tahun 1994. Pantera yang merupakan kekuatan baru di belantara metal US di awal era '90an sangat fenomenal dengan style groove metal nya. Sayang sekali gitaris legendaris Dimebagg Darrel tidak berada bersama-sama kita lagi. Berbarengan dengan konser ini adalah penampilan thrash band Sepultura dan Prong. Silahkan disimak

Pantera 3 in 1 in Seattle - July 11th 1994 with Sepultura and Prong

Pantera on their height of power - Rex Brown, Dimebag, Phil Anselmo, Vinnie Paul

reported song list:

Whose Fist In This Anyway
Not Of This Earth
Lost And Found
Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck
For Dear Life
line up : John Bechdel (keyboard), Paul Raven (bass), Ted Parsons (drum), Tommy Victor (guitars, vocals)

Refuse / Resist
Beneath The Remains
Slave New World
Dead Embryonic Cells
Slaves Of Pain
Clenched Fist
line up: Andreas Kisser (guitars), Paulo Jr (bass), Igor Cavalera (drums), Max Cavalera (guitars, vocals)

5 Minutes Alone
Strength Beyond Strength
Shredding SKin
F.....g Hostile
This Love
Good Friends And A Bottle of Pills
Planet Caravan
I'm Broken
Cowboys From Hell
line up: Phil Anselmo (vocals), Dimebag Darrel (guitars), Vinnie Paul (drum), Rex Brown (bass)

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Steve Vai 1997 Magazine Interview - Bahasa Indonesia

Steve Vai once played in Jakarta Hard Rock Cafe back in 1997. This is a HAI Magazine issue where an interview with the guitar virtuoso was happening back in March 1997. One of interviewer was Indonesian guitar master, Eet Syachranie. Here a loose translation from Bahasa Indonesia article to English. The background context is, Steve Vai just released his Fire Garden album.

Title: "I am Playing Guitar for Trend"
Steve Vai Interview in Jakarta - March 1997
HAI Magazine

Q: In Fire Garden album, you seems a little bit of calm, compared to your past albums?
Steve Vai: Calm? Well, I try to give in more variations. There indeed more ballads in Fire Garden, guitar ballad especially. But when you heard Aching Hunger, Dam You or Blowfish, I think I am not very 'calm' per se.

Q: Can we call a blues and R&B atmosphere in Fire Garden?
Steve Vai: Yeah, well,.... once a while in Little Alligator you can hear a bluesy tunes.

Q: And a bit of funky?
Steve Vai: Yeah, when I was younger, I dislike blues. Kind of boring. I like something impressive. But when I grow in age, I begin to 'appreciated blues'.

Q: You guitar playing more toward Frank Zappa rather than Satriani?
Steve Vai: When I was a kid I learn from Joe. We stayed in the same area and same school. He gave guitar lesson. And Frank (Zappa).... I always like his guitar playing, but I try to not follow (his guitar playing) more.

Q: Fire Garden Suite is an interesting composition, and a nice piano voice... you play the piano on that track?
Steve Vai: Thank you, yes I composed that and played that in sequencer.

Q: What sequencer you are using?
Steve Vai: I used VISION sequencer

Q: Tell us about Alien Love Secrets. It's sounds tough, isn't it?
Steve Vai:  Well....  I actually begin working on that together with Fire Garden. Taking a lot of time, including composing arrangements which taken lots of expenses. So in between Fire Garden, I recorded Alien Love Secrets, which taken five weeks. It is also my favorite album.

Q: Did you use Eventide H3000S Harmonizer?
Steve Vai: Oh yeah, sometimes.... In Fire Garden I focused more for song melody and structure, not much in effects.

Q: Song Ya Yo Gakk, your kid (Julian Vai) isn't it?
Steve Vai: (LOL), Yes. He was two years old at the time, he like to sing ya..yo..gakk. I didn't know what it supposed to mean. One day I recorded it and put it to computer. I made a vocal tracks and begin writing music. It's take a lot of time to make it through....

Q: Do you want him to be a musician as well?
Steve Vai: Yes, if he wanted to. Musician's  life is hard. But if you like music, that's just great. As a father I hope to teach him and give examples to do something good, be the best.

Q: Album Sex & Religion seems more rock n' roll. You seems like to give a '70s rock n roll feel in song Sex & Religion, something 'Brian May'... is it true?
Steve Vai: Yes. That album was aggressive. About the song, when I was teenage I fancy Brian May. I influenced by him a lot. He is unique guitarist and a special one.

Q: Solos in song Rescue Me Or Bury Me is great. You write that (before hand) or...?
Steve Vai: No, I play it directly (on the recording session...I guess, translator)

Q: That's very cool man...!
Steve Vai: Thank you. I appreciated you like it. I work hard for it and you are the first person to comment on it. I still sing that song.

Q: How about Ozzy Osbourne to you?
Steve Vai: Oh... working with him was fun. He is cool (it must be interesting to ever know Steve Vai's original word here...translator). He like to tell a lot of stories. Ozzy has a good musical instinct , and know what exactly he want.

Q: I heard Ozzy likes something horror, or satanic, did he?
Steve Vai: (Smile)...Ah.. no. Funny indeed. He is completely harmless, except on stage..lol. My work with him perhaps the funniest among others.

Q: Are you annoyed with the antichops on this '90 year? (I think referring to alternative scenes arising on that year..translator)
Steve Vai: Trend come and go. Sometimes there is a trend that demand greater skill in music, or writing complexes music, as jazz comes from blues. Or when progressive rock and fusion arise. And then a trend that demand only basic musical skill. I never learn to play guitar by trend. I love guitar and like to be musician and song writer.

Signature: HAI, To the readers of "HAI", God Bless You, Steve Vai.

Wawancara Steve Vai di Majalah HAI - Steve Vai interview in Jakarta

Steve Vai live in Jakarta Hard Rock cafe 4th February1997
the title simply said " Oh my, Steve Vai!"

Penampilan Steve Vai di Jakarta yang diliput majalah HAI  - 1997

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Guitarist MEME - How Do We See Marty Friedman

Here some of my creation and collected metal theme photo meme.

How we see Marty Friedman - How he sees us
tags: samurai  ronin shogun japan battle, guitarist

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Metallica - Kirk Hammet Interview Jakarta 1993

Here another historical interview by HAI Magazine, back in 1993 when Metallica did the 'burning' concert in Jakarta. The interview was in HAI Magazine head quarter and it was Kirk Hammet that answering to the journalist. Here the magazine scan, in Bahasa Indonesia.

The excerpts of interview, the interesting ones, that I translated are as below:

Q-We will start from the very beginning. Why you choose to play speed metal?
Kirk Hammet -     Actually we are not ‘choose’ speed metal. What we play is a music that become faster and faster. We feel connected with that music. Then people started to call us speed metal. For me, not a matter, we just want to call this is Metallica music.

The Music of Metallica now being played by many new bands. What is your comments?
Meaning they like our music, isn’t it? For me, not a problem because we never thought about others band’s song. We never did comparison between our music and other’s. Because when we started doing that, we stepped backward rather than forward. We don’t want that happen.

Many people said the Metallica songs in the last album are softer than previous. Is that because you guys become old and tired?
People always say that. Metallica songs, I feel still as hard as before. Soft is perhaps not a correct word here. The truth is we make the song more variety. If we make the song the same as before, our listeners will become tired too. With more variation, such as Unforgiven, our creativity is more developed and it’s good for us.

Is that mean as a way to attracted more fans?
Not really. What we trying to do is we want to make a music better and better. If our music can attracted new listener, it is of course better than before. But it is just not our main goal. We just want to make good music.

In the past, news is, Metallica not really care about radio-sound (radio friendly) music. How about now?
Oh, that’s issue (Kirk laughed). Still the same I think. In the past we played for our own (taste), now it still do. If the radio like to play our song it is good. When not, we still played our music as what we always do.

In the past, in album Master of Puppets, you didn’t feel want to do a videoclip. How do you see a videoclip now, it is supportive to the band?
Last time we make album without ever think about videoclip. Then we started thinking, how about making a video clip? Then we try and the result is good. So then we started attached a videoclip to our music.

Why you only do concert in Indonesia now? (April 1993)
Not that we don’t want to do concert in other country, especially your country. If possible, we like to concert in every country. But to enable one concert, many things need to considered. There must be a good promoter, condition of the places and so on. After all the considerations it is only recently we able to go to your country and do a concert. After all the technical matter being resolved.

Why in Jakarta, Metallica not using the Snakepit stage as in America?
We have three type of stage and use to fit the best setting on the location. Actually we want to have a Snake Pit stage in all our places we visit. But we can’t bring all the equipment to Indonesia, just as we can’t bring them to Japan as well.

What is your favorite stage?
Snake Pit. The coolest one.

What are you going to do in your Jakarta concert?
For sure, it will be a great concert. Just wait.

Will you played “One” ?
I think so.

What else?
Lol, looks like I need to show you the set list (laughed). No way! No surprise then.

How do you feel become one of numero uno guitarist in the world?
Wow, I feel I am not like that. There are still many great guitarist out there.

Like whom?
Jimi Hendrix, of course.

Hi Resolution magazine scan of Metallica Kirk Hammet interview in Bahasa Indonesia
The headline said: "In Jakarta, our concert will be the coolest", Said Kirk Hammet

Wawancara Metallica di Jakarta tahun 1993, Kirk Hammet menjawab beberapa pertanyaan ke majalah Hai sebelum konser mereka di Jakarta tahun 1993 tersebut.

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Iron Maiden Telephone Interview Indonesia 1992

This is an archive of Iron Maiden interview, in Bahasa Indonesia, happening in 1992. Bruce Dickinson himself answering an international telephone call from Jakarta, conducted by HAI magazine. It was on the weeks after Fear of the Dark released.

Some of highlight translation here:


Q: Compare to the last four albums, Fear of the Dark sounds different. Is in deliberately done, or it was just spontaneity, was there a background story concept that deliberately inserted?

Bruce Dickinson: Fear of the Dark is a little bit different. But after ten years [of doing music] a changes is only natural. The concept you mean, was there a background story concept,  the answering is no. But there was an idea to make something different. So long our recording process was the same, so it is time for us to challenge the process, if we want to stay sharp. But on writing process, it was spontaneity and stage act that come first.

Q: According to Metal Hammer, one of the song [from Fear of the Dark] show similarity to Deep Purple's Perfect Stranger , your comment?

Bruce: Chances is it in "Fear is the Key". Actually Deep Purple takes it from Led Zeppelin. And Janick Gers like very much Zeppelin, like Kashmir song. That might explain Fear Is The Key sounds middle eastern. But from the middle to the end [of that song] there is absolutely no similarity to Deep Purple.

Q: Is the new sound comes from Janick Gers, or because Adrian Smith out?

Bruce: It is come from Janick. Adrian pull out because of differences in writing music before Janick entered. Janick then included to write some of the songs. You can listen there. Actually we still have four to five songs but didn't recording it due to time constraint.

Q: Changes not only in color of the music, but lyrically as well. Previously Iron Maiden likes to used mystical theme. But in this album, you guys talk about what happening right now, AIDS in Fear Is The Key, hooliganism in Weekend Warrior. Can you explain?

Bruce: We have long history about singing beasts, ancient history and kinds of, and it's time to uncover problem in society level [in lyric]. This happen because we no longer had that very long touring time, for about two or three last years. Unlike years ago where we literally spend out time looking through the window of touring bus, a condition that didn't went well for inspiration, [that made us] to only thinks about ancient stories, every night when looking through the bus' windows.


Q: Iron Maiden step into the 12th year of career. What make you stay fresh until now?

Bruce: We do heart transplantation, plastic surgery, ha ha ha. No, just kidding. We were not always harmony, but we feel always friends. And one thing, because we always like to go on stage and performed music.

Q; In a band usually there is only one frontman. That usually what happening. But in Iron Maiden there are two, you and Steve Harris, founder of the band. How is your relationship with Steve?

Bruce: This is a question always pop up from any interviews. It's okay, this is like a soup opera between me and Steve. Unfortunately, what happening is absolutely far from drama, not dramatic as expected [for being a rivalry between us]. The question seems that me and Steve have a bout, but our relationship is just fine.


Q: What do you expected if you [got a chance] to tour in South East Asia?

Bruce: Red Hot Chili Peppers, alias spicy food. Ha ha ha. I think I will be presented a very enthusiast audiens. For me, I like to visit a place where we never been to, in opposite to the places that we already visit for five or six times.

Q: Are you aware of fans from Indonesia?

Bruce: I know, we often received letter from Indonesia [fans].


Q: Your solo album, Tattooed Millionaire, do you think a success?

Bruce: Yes, I am happy with the result of the album. So does the producer. That's why I am in studio right now, producing by next solo album.

Q: If you solo carreer happening to just better than in Iron Maiden, are you going to focus on that or stay in Iron Maiden?

Bruce: Of course not. I already talk this issue with Steve when doing Tattoed Millionaire. I said to Steve, it is impossible for me to out [from IM] just to pursue solo career.

wawancara Bruce Dickinson lewat telephone, Jakarta 1992

wawancara Iron Maiden dalam bahasa Indonesia, Majalah HAI 1992